All About Dodge Sprinter Engines

Before buying a SPRINTER 2500 5CYL 2.7 USED DIESEL engine, it is better to know more about this engine and also the company that manufactures it. Sprinter is manufactured in both the categories of light and heavy commercial vehicles by Daimler as a van, chassis cab and minibus but the sales are done as Mercedes models barring in the U.S., where the vehicles are built from complete knock-down kits and it is Freightliner that sells them. used auto parts

It was during the year 1995 that the launching of Sprinter took place in Europe and it replaced Mercedes Benz T1 van. Though the Mercedes Benz T1 van was quite famous, it became out-dated and that is the reason Sprinter took its place. You can definitely call the entry of Sprinter as a grand entry because it was voted as the International Van during 1995, the first year of its launching itself.

The launching of the North American Sprinter happened in the year 2001 in the US. The original branding was in the name of Freightliner, though in the remaining parts of North America, the vehicle was badged as Mercedes till 2003. In 2003, the branding changed to Dodge. From 2003, customers could purchase the vehicles either as Dodge or as Freightliner. Since the Dodge-branded version of the Sprinter was then available, the company decided to discontinue the aging Dodge Ram Van because both the vehicles had almost similar features.

The 2500 5 cylinder 2.7 liter turbo diesel engine was paired with a 5-speed transmission. The code of this engine is OM 612 and OM 647. Its configuration is inline 5 20v DOHC. The displacement of the engine is 2685 cc or 163.8 cubic inches. The power derived from this engine is 156 PS or 154 hp, with a torque of 243

When you venture to choose the right engine for your vehicle, you should understand that you can succeed only if you approach it as a mind game. Sheer aggression in the approach never pays or you will end up choosing a wrong engine. You should not be defiant to the moves of the dealers and at the same time, should not meekly succumb to their strategies. In fact, any platform that involves wily and business-minded dealers will never be short of mind games. These dealers will be aggressive in nature and will try to push the used engines available with them but your approach should be a total contrast. It can be turned into a situation of “advantage buyer”, if you play your cards smartly. You should not also allow the pressures exerted by the dealers through their marketing tactics to impact your decision. You can lift the quality of your decision by focusing on simple, usual and traditional but effective strategies like targeting only on good-quality used engines, inspecting the engines, etc. Your mechanic will also relish the game because his expertise is going to influence your buying decision. If you exert the right pressure on the dealer, you are sure to get a good quality SPRINTER 2500 5CYL 2.7 USED DIESEL engine.

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