CISA Certification Domains


The Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) is the best step towards a career in Information Technology and business systems. If you want to make a career in controlling, monitoring, and auditing information security systems, CISA will help you with the progress. It is one of the most preferred Information Systems audit certification programs and requires greater effort on your part.

CISA exam

You need to pass the examination to become a CISA certified professional. The exam consists of 150 questions that you have to answer within 4 hours. There are a total of 5 domains from where questions are asked. You need to understand all the five domains and gain expertise in them.

The objective of the CISA certification is to make IT auditors who can effectively assist and carry out IS audit and control. There are several tasks that you have to perform for the CISA certification. Overall, the five domains hold the most important in this exam, and you need to emphasize them.

CISA certification domains

The CISA domains have been created after extensive research in each area. Feedback and validation from the industry experts were crucial for creating the five domains. These domains are extremely important from an examination point of view, and also for carrying out IT, the audit works later in your career. They are the basic requirement of the exam, and you need to understand them thoroughly to avoid skipping important questions. If you want to become a CISA certified professional, you need to know all the domains.

What are the five CISA domains?

The five CISA domains are varied and are related to the field of systems security and will help you pass the exam easily. Here are the five domains of the CISA.

  • Domain 1: Auditing Information Systems
  • Domain 2: Governance and IT management
  • Domain 3: IS Acquisition, development, and implementation.
  • Domain 4: IS operations, maintenance, and support
  • Domain 5: Information Assets protection

Let’s look at all the domains in detail to help you understand the syllabus better.

Domain 1: Auditing Information Systems

The first domain is considered as the most important domain. It carries a weightage of 21% in the examination, so you can’t afford to miss it. This domain mainly makes you understand about audit services. Protecting information systems is one of the most important areas of this certification.

There are several tasks under this domain. Most of the tasks are about risk-based auditing of IS systems. The key risk areas in a system are audited for defects and faults. Highly skilled professionals will ensure that the information auditing of their organizations is done in the right way. Understanding this domain is the key to passing the examination with good marks.

The ability to communicate the audit reports and make necessary changes is the key area of this domain. It is important to take this domain seriously as it can affect your overall chances of passing the examination.

Domain 2: Governance and IT management

Leadership and organizational abilities are necessary for any professional. The second domain of CISA focuses on promoting this ability among individuals. After attaining expertise in this domain, you will be able to evaluate IT strategies and work for its approval and ultimate implementation. It is important because, without an IT strategy, the organization will fall apart. The main goal of this domain is to create efficient IT governance structures that are in accordance with the organization’s strategies and objectives.

The tasks in the second domain are about checking for requirements.

Domain 3: IS Acquisition, development, and implementation

It is the most practical of all the domains. All the tasks in this domain are centered on real-world challenges. You will learn effective practices that you need to implement in your work processes. Maintenance of information security systems is the main task in this domain.

Domain 4: IS operations, maintenance, and support

If you are preparing for the CISA exam, you need to be thorough with the ITSM practices. It is one of the most important areas and provides maintenance to information security systems. Evaluating audits and creating efficient frameworks for the implementation of IT services is crucial for CISA professionals.

Domain 5: Protection of Information Assets

It is the last and most important domain. You will learn everything about information security and its protection. Security auditors need to focus more on this domain because it covers all the major areas of IT security. The tasks under this domain are crucial for the examination, and they will acquaint you with the evaluation, alignment, and maintenance of information assets.

These were the key domains of CISA that can help you prepare for IT auditing. Information systems security is a good career option for you, and the CISA certification will help you with that.

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