Is Medical Tourism Safe?

What happens if you decide to have a plastic surgery in another country? For one thing, the procedure will cost you less and it will get done quickly because these facilities do not believe in having a waiting list. However, how will you determine whether the facility is safe? How will you find out whether the doctors have the proper credentials to perform a plastic surgery? What to do at sentosa singapore 

There is no doubt that when we go abroad for a medical procedure, a process known as medical tourism, we want the hospital to be clean, use the latest state-of-the-art technology and have qualified and expert medical professionals. However, living in a completely different country makes this assessment very difficult. Although medical tourism is a cost effective way to get a medical procedure done, we have to ask ourselves whether medical tourism is safe.

One way to ensure that the healthcare facility will give you the kind of care you would demand from a hospital in your country is to look for JCI accreditation. JCI stands for Joint Commission International. In the United States if a hospital has JCI accreditation, it is considered to be one of the top hospitals of the nation. A hospital overseas with a JCI accredited to it will be first class hospital offering care and procedures at par with US hospitals.

If JCI accreditation is not available in that country, there are other accrediting agencies like the International Organization for Standardization, popularly known as ISO. An ISO accredited facility will have good management practices, consistency and efficiency. Similarly, in Hong Kong, hospitals and healthcare facilities receive TRENT accreditation, and in Canada it is known as Canadian Council on Health Services Regulation or CCHSA.

In order for medical tourism to be safe and pleasant experience, it is imperative that you conduct a research on the facility and the doctors. Both should be accredited and certified by a medical board. All this should be done before you book your trip.


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