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The landscape of India is blessed with uncountable natural wonders, which increase the beauty of this place phenomenally. Lofty mountains, serene lakes and rivers, evergreen jungles and mystical caves act as embellishments to this amazing land of diversity. The wide availability of these natural marvels only serves as cherry on the cake for a visitor. Read on to check out a few of the many interesting places of incredible India.

The Himalayas- A Cynosure of the World

The Himalayas or the “abode of snow” is the highest mountain range in the world and is distinguished by its complex geological features, stunning height, rich vegetation, snowcapped peaks, great valley glaciers and river gorges. As the name suggests, snow on the peaks of this mountain range never melts down. The Himalayan range boasts of a huge number of world’s major highest peaks. Mount Everest, located on the Nepal-Tibet border, which is the highest mountain of the world, forms one of the peaks of the Himalayas. The other notable peaks are the Mount Godwin Austen and the Kanchenjunga. The Himalayas form the origin of some of the significant rivers of India, medicinal plants, rare species of birds and wild animals.

Dal Lake РAn Icon of India What to do at sentosa singapore 

Indian lakes form an integral part of its culture and heritage; they reflect religious sentiments and serve the purpose of irrigation as well. Dal Lake, the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the attractive lakes for tourism. Being one of the most beautiful sights, this lake consists of a large number of orchards and gardens along its shores. The colorful houseboats or the ‘shikaras’ floating on this lake provide you with an opportunity to soothe your nerves riding through the sparkling waters. The exquisite view of the surrounding mountains all around the lake will make you fall in love with it. During winter, this lake usually freezes completely unfolding a different scenic beauty which is hard to ignore.

Kunchikal Falls- A Spectacular Sight

Kunchikal Falls is recognized as the second highest waterfalls in Asia and the highest tiered waterfalls in the country. It origins from the Varahi River, in the Western Ghats, where you can witness some of the rare species of wild life such as the Indian bullfrog and the Giant Indian squirrel to name a few. Situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, this falls renders the perfect scenic beauty and an ideal destination for a complete holiday.

Edakkal Caves- A Carved Message

If you want to experience a place where ancient civilizations recorded their feelings, then Edakkal Caves are the ones for you. These two natural caves, situated in the Wayanad district, Kerala, are the rarest examples of the stone-age carvings. Inside the caves, you will be amazed to see numerous signs, motifs, and human figures neatly etched out on the rock surface. The quality and quantity of these carvings found in the interior of the caves makes them all the more interesting and attractive for the tourists.

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